12 Aug 2019

Cooks government helping to improve radio services

5:50 am on 12 August 2019

As work continues on Rarotonga to remove a rusted radio mast efforts are also being made to improve radio services.

The Radio Cook Islands mast at Matavera transmitted an AM signal to the outer islands and the Cook Islands Investment Corporation says the rusted mast will not be replaced.

It means some in the outer islands may not be able to access a radio signal.

The manager of Radio Cook Islands, Jeanne Matenga, says the government has now promised to make immediate improvements to the radio signal by helping the company restore the FM signal receivers on each island.

She says they are also willing, in principle, to help review what radio services are needed.

"For the medium term we want to review the radio services, the national radio service in the country, to see what options are there. Should we re-instate AM or not, and where, and just looking into the future at what other services are coming up that are suitable for radio broadcasting, like via the internet."

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Photo: Flickr