9 Aug 2018

Free parking ends in Samoa's capital

7:25 pm on 9 August 2018

Samoa's Land Transport Authority is installing parking meters in downtown Apia, marking the end of free parking in the capital.

Samoans walking on the waterfront in Apia

Carparks on Apia's waterfront will soon be charged, marking the end of free parking in Samoa. Photo: AFP

The Authority says eight meters will cover 84 parking spaces with fees starting at one Tala for the first fifteen minutes, rising to a full eight hours of parking at 32 tala.

The meters will operate Monday to Friday during a pilot period and may later be extended to include Saturdays.

The LTA's Chief Executive says the revenue generated from the parking meters will fund part of road maintenance costs in addition to keeping traffic congestion under control.

There will be a minimum fine of 50 tala per violation and vehicles which violate the parking meter laws are liable to be towed.