3 Aug 2018

Jellyfish warning issued in Guam

1:33 pm on 3 August 2018

Authorities in Guam are warning the public to look out for box jellyfish on beaches and in the ocean around the island over the next week.

Box jellyfish

Photo: 123RF

The Guam Daily Post reports the aquatic and wildlife resources division in the Department of Agriculture says high concentrations of box jellyfish are expected in waters around Guam from the 4th to 7th of August.

It warns box and Portuguese man o' war jelly fish can still sting when washed up on the shore.

The department advises anyone stung by either jellyfish to immediately remove any tentacles sticking to them with something rigid like a stick or driver's licence card.

Any stung areas should be flushed with saltwater, not fresh water, and over the counter pain medication taken.

If victims experience severe pain and or swelling, difficulty breathing or experience any allergic reactions they should seek immediate medical attention.

Large numbers of jellyfish usually show up in waters around Guam from November to February.