26 Apr 2018

Samoa CEO denies releasing court files to senior govt official

5:44 am on 26 April 2018
Papalii John Taimalelagi Afele

Papalii John Taimalelagi Afele Photo: RNZ Pacific /Tipi Autagavaia

Samoa's CEO of the Ministry of Justice and Courts administration has vehemently denied releasing Lands and Titles court files.

The executive officer, Papalii John Taimalelagi Afele, said he would never make such a decision because he does not want to be involved in an unlawful and criminal action, after the files were reportedly released to a government official.

Papalii denied he gave approval for the taking out of files from the ministry's main office at Mulinuu.

He said there was a procedure where members of the public who have cases in the Lands and Titles court will come and fill the forms before a decision on whether or not to allow access to the files.