8 Feb 2018

Pacific weather systems being closely monitored

8:11 pm on 8 February 2018

The Fiji met service is closely monitoring two weather systems in the southwest Pacific.

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Photo: 123 RF

It said T-D-0-8-F, a weak tropical depression is southeast of Fiji and had the potential to develop into a tropical cyclone.

The Director of the Fiji Met Service, Ravind Kumar, said the other system, T-D-0-7-F, a developing tropical disturbance is close to Fiji and moving to the east-north-east of the group.

T-D-0-7-F brought heavy rainfall to areas around Samoa and American Samoa, causing major flooding.

T-D-0-7-F was moving towards a more active area in the region, and it may pick up its intensity as it moves into open waters, Mr Kumar said.

"It is in a more favourable condition and if it does develop and sustain its energy and strength for a while, and maybe for a couple of days."

Ravind Kumar said it was rare to have two weather systems forming near each other.