4 Jan 2018

Fiji discusses coral farms

4:01 pm on 4 January 2018

Fiji's Minister for Fisheries says local people are moving towards more sustainable marine practices and ideas, including a proposal to farm coral specifically for export.

Semi Koroilavesau said his government had recently stopped the export of beche-de-mer or sea cucumber, placed a seasonal ban on the fishing of Coral Trout and banned the export and breaking of live coral.

Mr Koroilavesau said coral was in demand for use in overseas aquariums.

He said there are discussions surrounding the possibility of farming coral for such export but in the meantime no coral may be removed.

The Minister said the public was very supportive of all the moves the government has done to conserve the country's marine resources.

"They're very aware of the regeneration of the species for future generations because basically we carry out a lot of public awareness because we tell them, we could be enjoying the fruits now but if we don't conserve it then our future generations will not be able to enjoy the same benefits that we have now," he said.

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Photo: Copyright: aquafun / 123RF Stock Photo