PNG to review work permits of expatriates

7:56 am on 5 December 2017

Papua New Guinea's Labour minister says the work permits of all expatriates in the country will be reviewed, and the rules for new permits will be tightened.

Mehrra Kipefa also said the rules for the issuing of new permits would be tightened.

He said the review would ensure expatriate workers are only working the one job for which their permit was issued.

He told the newspaper, The National, that some expats have been granted a permit to do a certain job, but then go on to do other things.

Mr Kipefa said those found to be in breach would have their permits cancelled and be deported.

He also said that from next year permits would only be issued for expatriates to do jobs that Papua New Guineans are unable to perform.

Mr Kipefa said he expected the changes to be tabled at the first sitting of parliament next year.