21 Aug 2017

Fijians don walking shoes for children in need

12:00 pm on 21 August 2017

A handful of high profile Fijians and volunteers are more than halfway through a 416 kilometre stroll around Fiji's main island, Viti Levu.

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Photo: Pixabay

The 10-day walk, which started last Tuesday, is raising money for a learning centre and education kits for children from low-income households.

Dwain Qalovaki from the Foundation for The Education of Needy Children said they are hoping to raise close to US$50,000 from the walkathon.

"The purpose of the walkathon is to raise funds for needy children around the country. In total we are hoping and we are quite optimistic that we will be able to fundraise $FJ 100 thousand dollars."

Former rugby players Viliame Satala, Semisi Naevo and Vilmone Delasau are taking part along with Miss World Fiji Nanise Rainima.

Miss World Fiji

Miss World Fiji Photo: Facebook Nanise Rainima-Miss World Fiji 2017

The group has visited towns and villages collecting donations and raising awareness of child abuse and healthcare issues.

Mr Qalovaki said the walk was particularly poignant as many of those involved were personally connected with the communities needing help.

"Having come from these communities they understand the value of having a step up for these children from lower income families.

"Everyone is pretty excited, we are getting feedback from the communities that we are scheduled to stop in that they are already preparing to welcome the Fijians doing the Walkathon."

The walkers said they're walking in the early morning and the evening to avoid the heat and humidity of the day.