10 Jul 2017

Curfew considered in Vanuatu to curb alcohol-related crime

2:48 pm on 10 July 2017

Vanuatu's government says it's considering imposing a curfew in the wake of a spate of alcohol-related crime.

The internal affairs minister, Alfred Maoh, said the move follows the death of a man who was beaten at a Port Vila nightclub last month.

He said he had already ordered a crackdown on liquor licence holders to ensure they're complying with the law and not selling to underage people.

But Mr Maoh said the government may consider a weekend curfew for some groups of people.

"I think the purpose of the curfew is just to ensure that we do not entertain and tolerate even people going around and deciding to create criminal activities - they shouldn't be doing that," he said.

Mr Maoh said a curfew would be decided on depending on the outcome of the current operations.

He said the government also had to take into account peoples' rights and freedom of movement.