13 Jun 2017

Vanuatu govt applauds Iririki resort switch to solar power

10:11 am on 13 June 2017

The Vanuatu Government has applauded the Iririki resort in the capital Port Vila for its switch to solar power.

For two weeks now the resort has been running solely on electricity generated by a newly installed solar power plant.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports the country's climate change minister Ham Lini applauded the resort owner for leading the way in investing in clean energy.

Mr Lini said he looked forward to seeing future data on how much the plant had reduced the resort's carbon emissions.

Its owner Peter Stockley told the paper the decision to go off the grid was made after Cyclone Pam forced the resort to close for major renovations in 2015.

Mr Stockley said the switch was also expected to significantly reduce the resort's operational costs.

He said Iririki was the first resort in Vanuatu to tap into renewable energy with the intention of reducing emissions generated by its operations and he hoped it would be a solution for other resorts as well.

Iririki resort

Iririki resort Photo: Supplied