CNMI deputy governor wants lawsuit dropped

5:56 pm on 18 November 2016

The Northern Marianas Lieutenant Governor Victor Hocog is asking the federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought against him and his family by a Japanese investor.

Takahisa Yamamoto has alleged that Mr Hocog and his family members refused to pay back the $US3.4 million that he provided for the financing of cargo ship, MV Luta.

Mr Hocog's lawyer said the claims are deficient and the Lieutenant Governor was only mentioned once in the complaint.

After Mr Yamamoto filed the case in federal court, two companies and crew members of the vessel joined in the lawsuit.

Last May, a taxpayer's lawsuit was also filed against Mr Hocog and the Finance Secretary Larrisa Larson over allegations of a payment of $US400,000 to Luta Mermaid, a private company owned by the Hocog family and which operated the cargo vessel.