24 Oct 2016

Rassemblement opposes New Caledonia referendum

6:10 am on 24 October 2016

New Caledonia's anti-independence Rassemblement says it is opposed to a referendum to be held as outlined in the 1998 Noumea Accord.

Paris said it would organise the vote by 2018 to complete the tri-partite Accord which was signed by both the pro- and anti-independence sides.

The Rassemblement leader Pierre Frogier told reporters that a vote would be destructive.

"Nothing can be done in New Caledonia without consensus and compromise - and to subject oneself to such a question - that's true, it is in the Noumea Accord - to stay with France or independence risks to destroy 30 years of working together," he said.

Pierre Frogier said his party wouldn't endorse an experts' report about the territory's institutional future.

The Noumea Accord signatories are due to meet in Paris on November 7th.

A leading anti-independence New Caledonian politician, Pierre Frogier.

New Caledonia politician Pierre Frogier Photo: AFP