12 Jul 2016

Tonga's PSA to petition king

6:53 am on 12 July 2016

A petition from Tonga's Public Service Association to defer a new salary structure will be presented to the King this afternoon, following its rejection by Cabinet.

The restructure came after a nearly two year review by the Remuneration Authority but the PSA General Secretary Mele 'Amanaki said it was unfair and the review lacked transparency.

The PSA presented a petition to Cabinet to delay the structure implementation until next year but Cabinet declined it and said the Authority and Public Service Commission would inform the PSA of the reasons why.

Ms 'Amanaki said the petition, with about 500 signatures, would now be presented to the king.

The General Secretary of Tonga's PSA, Mele 'Amanaki.

The General Secretary of Tonga's PSA, Mele 'Amanaki. Photo: facebook

She said there would have been more signatures but some workers may have been intimidated by government ministers and department heads.

"This has affected some of the signing of the petition," she said.

"Some of the workers are afraid, which is understandable. The actions by the ministers of course is understandable also from their side but that will not stop us from taking the petition to His Majesty."

Ms 'Amanaki said the PSA will also apply for a Supreme Court injunction for a judicial review to be carried out.