16 Mar 2016

Kidnap victims return to Vanuatu

8:37 pm on 16 March 2016

A Vanuatu mother and daughter, believed to have been kidnapped and taken to Solomon Islands, have been repatriated to Port Vila.

Our correspondent reports sources in Vanuatu as saying the 37-year-old woman and her nine-year old daughter were kidnapped seven years ago.

The repatriation was arranged by the police forces of both countries.

The two arrived at Port Vila airport on Tuesday to be greeted by senior police, the chair of NGO Women Against Crime and Corruption, Jenny Ligo, and Port Vila's deputy mayor Leimara Malachai.

Vanuatu police are understood to be continuing investigations into the matter.

Meanwhile, an NGO in Vanuatu is calling for a man to be deported after he allegedly kidnapped a woman and her daughter.

The chair of Women Against Crime and Corruption, Jenny Ligo, said the alleged kidnapper dumped the woman and her child with his family in the Solomons.

"And he just came back and enjoyed himself in Vanuatu where the woman is from," said Ms Ligo.

"I would say that he should be deported and he should not enter Vanuatu. To kidnap a woman and a child for seven years, that's too long. It's inhuman."

Jenny Ligo explained that the man was a lawyer and known to police in Vanuatu.

She said the woman and her child appeared to be in good health and were happy to be reunited with their family.