13 Feb 2016

Sport: Tonga urged to work together in Pacific Games prep

12:33 pm on 13 February 2016

The Tonga Amateur Sports Association and National Olympic Committee says the country needs to work together in preparations for hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

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The Kingdom remains behind schedule in the construction of venues and accommodation and is yet to secure 100 percent of the funding required.

A Papua New Guinea delegation visited Nuku'alofa earlier this month to assess the sporting facilities and will lead the refurbishment of the Teufaiva National Stadium.

There have been issues with interference but everything will run smoothly if people stick to their own areas of responsibility according to the President of TASANOC, Lady Robyn Tu'ivakano.

"Yes, I'm sure Tonga will be ready once all the three organsations work together. That is government, with the obligation of creating and building all the facilities and the organising committee is organising the main games and TASANOC to produce elite athletes. We had the first meeting with government trying to make a start and work together as a team."