Calls for boycott of French Polynesia dolphin centre

8:46 am on 24 December 2015

Sea Shepherd French Polynesia is calling on the public to boycott the territory's only dolphin centre in Moorea.

Its co-ordinator, Yves-Michel Denis, says the three dolphins who live at the water park are effectively in jail, confined to a caged area in the lagoon.

He says while the conditions at the centre are not as bad as some other international water parks, the sea mammals should be in the wild with their families.

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Photo: Sea Shepherd Tahiti

Mr Denis says tourists should not be paying to see the dolphins in enclosures, when there are so many to be seen in the wild.

"There are three dolphins that we consider in jail doing tricks for tourists. It is not forbidden but we are against it and we have decided to make people realise that this kind of activity should not exist in our country."

Yves-Michel Denis says he has spoken with the centre's workers, who insist the dolphins are well looked after.