21 Dec 2015

Global outsourcers looking to Pacific

7:33 am on 21 December 2015

Global call centre providers are starting to look at the Pacific as an alternative to countries like India and the Philippines for outsourcing.

A World Bank study suggests the region has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the offshoring, online outsourcing and other IT-related industries.

Optimistic scenarios in the report found that as many as 27,000 jobs could be created across Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

Fiji already has operations in place: Mindpearl, a global contact centre business opened a centre in Suva in 2009.

The Commercial Director of Asia Pacific, Mark Mahoney, says internet speed is one of the advantages the Pacific offers.

"We've got customers today or clients today in Suva that were formerly in the Philippines, and they certainly speak of better connectivity in Suva, more reliable internet and clearer voice. Technology wise I think due to the Southern Cross Cable we've had really good feedback on the technology solution as well as really glowing endorsement on the capability of the people."

Mark Mahoney says they were also attracted to Fiji because of the high level of English proficiency among the local population.


Call centres eye Fiji as base Photo: RNZI