18 Sep 2015

Seventh Day Adventists told to leave Solomons island

2:13 pm on 18 September 2015

A Seventh Day Adventist pastor says a chief on an outer island in Solomon Islands has no right to expel members of the faith.

Solomon Islands Mission coordinator Pastor Irving Vagha says there are just three Seventh Day Adventists on the far eastern island of Anuta

Recently they built a small church against the wishes of the island's chief, who then demanded they pull it down and has ordered them to leave the predominantly Anglican island.

Pastor Vagha says the president of the church is trying to meet with his Anglican counterpart to find some resolution.

"They are just having this kind of mentality that they don't want any other religion infiltrated into the island but just the Anglican faith because that has been the faith that was accepted by their ancestors so to speak."

Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Vagha