1 Aug 2015

Starkist Samoa parent company close to settling class action

8:28 am on 1 August 2015
A school of yellow fin tuna encircled by a net

Yellowfin tuna inside a purse seine net Photo: Supplied / SPC

A federal court in California has granted preliminary approval for a class action settlement involving the parent company of Starkist Samoa on a claim it under filled its canned tuna products.

The agreement is for Pittsburgh-based StarKist Co to pay $US12 million dollar to settle the suit.

A California resident Patrick Hendricks filed a complaint against StarKist, which he accused of among other things, negligent misrepresentation, and violating California consumer laws, by under-filling its canned tuna products.

StarKist rejected the suit and sought for its dismissal without success.

But it wasn't until May this year, that both sides reached preliminary settlement agreement, which required approval of the federal court in San Francisco.

Under the order Starkist is to pay $US8 million dollars in cash and $US4 million in vouchers for StarKist products.