29 Jun 2015

Child exploitation back on radar in American Samoa

1:03 pm on 29 June 2015

New concerns have been raised about child trafficking in American Samoa after a pediatrician uncovered the abuse of a child.

Tangra Broge, who is based at the LBJ Hospital, says a sick child was hospitalised for a critical illness, and her care-givers lied about how long she had been in the territory.

Further questioning revealed she was deprived of an education and had been used as a cleaner by her care-givers, and then sold food items for them and their church.

Dr Broge says she is urging the public to take action to stop children facing exploitation, and report suspicious cases to the Child Protective Services.

She says all citizens of American Samoa are obliged to do so, and the names of people who make reports are kept anonymous.