PNG 'seriously reconsidering' death penalty

2:42 pm on 18 May 2015

The Papua New Guinea government says it will seriously reconsider the death penalty following church, NGO and public criticism of the law.

Parliament voted in favour of the death penalty for crimes such as murder and rape two years ago, but it has not yet been implemented due to lack of infrastructure.

Peter O'Neill, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Peter O'Neill, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Photo: RNZI

The Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, has called for a review of the law, saying the matter would be debated in parliament, which could result in the law being repealed.

Our correspondent, Todagia Kelola, says this comes after the global outcry of Indonesia's execution of foreign drug convicts.

"The death of the two Australians in Indonesia is I would say a part of the reason why the prime minister is seriously considering to review that law. But there are also other criticisms by ordinary Papua New Guineans, churches and NGOs that this law will really not solve the problem of crime."

Todagia Kelola says it is not known when the issue will be raised in parliament.