15 Apr 2015

Vanuatu Chief says relief supplies exhausted

9:43 am on 15 April 2015

A Vanuatu Chief of Mele Village near the capital Port Vila says it has been three weeks since the first round of relief supplies reached them and people are again without food.

Chief Kalokai Masai's village is one of the largest on Efate island with around 4000 residents most of whom are subsistence farmers relying on their gardens for food and as a primary source of income.

Relief supplies arrive at Fresh Wota from NDMO.

Villagers collect relief supplies Photo: RNZI / Koroi Hawkins

Chief Masai says rice supplied by the National Disaster Management Office provided much needed relief after the cyclone but now that is gone.

" All this was already used up. You know there is nothing to eat after the cyclone so people make use of the rice. Cooking for the kids and for the families. So people are starting, going back to their gardens now and try to replant, try to harvest what they have, that's all."

Chief Masai says apart from food relief, nothing is being done about longer term issues such as the rebuilding of the two French and English schools in his village, the latter which has 400 students.

He says children are going to tents supplied by UNICEF but when it rains they are miserable places and the environment is not the same.