PNG Police admit involvement in death of elderly woman

3:33 pm on 28 February 2015

The police commander in the Papua New Guinea province of Morobe has confirmed his officers were involved in the shooting of an elderly woman at a market on Saturday.

A Papua New Guinea police vehicle

This shooting is the latest in a string of controversial police shootings in Papua New Guinea. Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

Kaiglo Ambane says a communication breakdown between negotiators trying to lift a roadblock and those manning the roadblock eventually led to the death of the grandmother.

Mr Ambane says village leaders had not informed those manning the roadblock that differences had been settled and they had agreed to open the road.

He says when police turned up at the roadblock the villagers' reactions were mixed and hostile because the news had not been relayed.

The Post Courier reports the situation then intensified and when police returned to demand compensation on Saturday, a confrontation ensued which led to the woman being shot and killed.

Mr Ambane says the killing is being investigated.