23 Jan 2015

Solomons cabinet still looking at rehab for flood victims

9:32 am on 23 January 2015

The Solomon Islands cabinet says it is still considering a rehabilitation package for the 2014 April flood victims.

The Prime Minister's Office revealed this when responding to a call by the opposition urging the government to approve the package.

The opposition leader Jeremiah Manele says he understands that the Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination has already finalised the rehabilitation package and he has called on Cabinet to swiftly approve it.

But a statement from the Prime Minister's Office says Mr Manele is the very one to be blamed for the government's delay in facilitating the package.

The office says it is beyond belief that the opposition leader saw it fit to call on Cabinet to take swift action when he did very little as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of National Development and Aid Coordination.

It says any right minded person will question why the opposition leader was not concerned about cabinet approval when he was the Permanent Secretary.

The Prime Minister's statement says if he is truly concerned about the delay of the package having a 'rippling effect' on peace and social harmony, then the package would have been approved long ago and he is just trying to pass the buck.

The statement says the government's decision to discuss the rehabilitation package at the Cabinet level indicates the significance it attaches to addressing the issue.