16 Dec 2014

Fiji road builders want Fijians home to help

4:18 pm on 16 December 2014

The Fiji Roads Authority has appealed to Fijians living overseas to return and be part of rebuilding its roads.

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Photo: AFP

The CEO Neil Cook says it's a huge work programme, and was boosted yesterday with the announcement that further grants and loans have been offered by the Asian Development Bank.

Mr Cook says the $650 million dollar work programme could do with more Fijian workers and they are welcome to take part.

"With the more settled political environment up here now I'd be interested in hearing, particularly if there are any expatriate Fijians who are down in New Zealand with technical skills, engineering qualifications. We would love to hear from you, because it's a great time we're having, it's a great thing we're doing and we would love to be part of bringing Fijians back home to Fiji to help out."

Neil Cook says there are priorities all over Fiji for roads, bridges and jetties