10 Dec 2014

Water supply damage closes Suva clinics

11:54 am on 10 December 2014

Some clinics at the main hospital in Fiji's capital Suva have been closed due to damage to the water supply and people have been asked to use other health centres.

The government says the Colonial War Memorial Hospital's dental, eye, oncology, ante-natal and gynaecology clinics have been temporarily closed.

The Minister of Health Jone Usamate says crucial areas like accident and emergency remain open and the ministry is closely monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile water supplies to thousands of people around Suva have been affected by a major landslide.

FBC News reports about 67-thousand customers from Tamavua-i- Wai to Togalevu have been affected by a water shutdown in the greater Suva area.

The Water Authority of Fiji says the impact is more extensive than first determined.

A landslide in the Savura Hills washed away two water main trunk lines and the authority says work is underway to replace them.

Water is being carted to those in the affected areas and as a precautionary measure people have been advised to boil their water.