4 Dec 2014

PNG opposition to offer alternative govt

3:53 pm on 4 December 2014

Papua New Guinea's new opposition leader says his side will establish an alternative government by January, launching policy on all major issues confronting PNG.

The opposition has more than doubled in numbers to eight MPs with Don Polye's Triumph, Heritage Empowerment Party recently joining the ranks.

Mr Polye this week replaced Belden Namah as opposition leader.

Although far outnumbered in the 111-seat parliament by the Peter O'Neill-led government, the opposition has MPs from each of PNG's four regions and includes the country's only female provincial Governor, Julie Soso.

Mr Polye says his vibrant line-up offers a viable alternative leadership for PNG.

"Very strong, robust, dynamic and competent, and yet humble and sensitive to the needs of the people to deliver better than what the current government is doing now. We believe the government is packed full of lies and hoax and deceptions that are misleading and even giving us false pictures of the country's economy at present."

Don Polye

The member for Kandep in PNG, Don Polye.

The member for Kandep in PNG, Don Polye. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades