26 Nov 2014

Vanuatu opposition to take legal action

2:54 pm on 26 November 2014

The leader of the Vanuatu opposition says he will challenge the decision of the parliament to suspend him and other 15 MPs yesterday afternoon.

He has told local media that he will go to court before the end of this week.

The 16 MPs were suspended over allegations made by the government that they had breached the Leadership Code.

Parliament was told on Tuesday that on the 30th of October, more than one million vatu, or about 10 thousand US dollars was transferred into the bank accounts of 15 opposition MPs at the behest of Mr Carcasses.

The prime minister, Joe Natuman, told parliament that the action of the 16 members of parliament is a breach of the leadership code and has has asked the parliament to suspend them.

Mr Carcasses told the parliament the motion is unconstitutional and he asked government MPs not to support it.

He says another 6 opposition MPs and some government MPs also got the money from 350,000 US dollars he made available.

Mr Natuman admitted in parliament that he himself has accepted money from Mr Carcasses on a previous occasion.