19 Nov 2014

Nauru police criticised by advocacy group

11:47 am on 19 November 2014

The Australian-based Refugee Action Coalition has accused police in Nauru of failing to act against violence against refugees.

Nauru is home to more than a thousand of Australia's asylum seekers, and has declared more than a hundred of them refugees.

The coalition cites ten incidents of violence against refugees within the last three weeks.

A spokesperson, Ian Rintoul, says three children and an Iranian refugee have been physically beaten; and another refugee was ordered to quit his job or be killed.

"There's been no action against this minority people at all. It's clear that police are not there to defend asylum seekers even the citizens on Nauru don't think the police are likely to do anything at all about the attacks."

Ian Rintoul says the refugees originally headed for Australia seeking safety, and they need secure protection.