17 Nov 2014

Greenpeace lobbies to protect Kiribati fish stocks

12:07 pm on 17 November 2014

]The environmental organisation Greenpeace has been lobbying the government of Kiribati not to renew the licences of two of the world's largest purse seine fishing vessels next year.

An Ocean Campaigner, Lagi Toribau (Torimbau) says fish stocks in Kiribati are dwindling, with local fishermen catching less and having to sail further out than ever before.

Mr Toribau says he's been trying to convince officials on Tarawa that allowing vessels like the Spanish-owned Albatun Tres and Albacora Uno to use Fish Aggregation Devices isn't sustainable.

"One, we cannot afford any other new entry into fisheries in the region, and secondly, we need to start reducing the current fishing levels, and one of those areas is to eliminate and get rid of some of those massive vessels that are also using destructive fishing techniques."

Lagi Toribau says despite fishing being lucrative for the country's economy, consideration must be given to the sustainability of fish stocks.