6 Nov 2014

Amnesty urges continued pressure on Fiji

7:29 pm on 6 November 2014

Amnesty International says other countries must keep up the pressure on Fiji over human rights because the United Nations review process has shortcomings.

Fiji is undergoing its Universal Periodic Review at the UN Human Rights Council, a peer review all UN countries go through to ensure human rights around the world.

Amnesty's Pacific researcher Kate Schuetze says continued pressure is important especially because, during the review, Fiji failed to recognise any problems with its laws on freedom of expression and association.

"We'd like them to take a bit more of a neutral stance and set up a parliamentary committee for example to review human rights compliance with some of the decrees that have been passed in the last few years. We think that would be a really positive measure to come out of the Universal Periodic Review."

Kate Schuetze