13 Oct 2014

Fiji Sevens edge closer to Olympic qualification

11:39 am on 13 October 2014

Fiji's Rugby Sevens side have a head-start in the race for the 2014 World Series title and possibly more importantly Olympic qualification.

Fiji defeated Samoa 31-24 in the final of the Gold Coast Sevens over the weekend being led by two early tries by Setefano Cakau.

Coach Ben Ryan says the season opener was particularly important given the carrot of automatic Olympic qualification for the top four world series finishers at the end of the season.

"Top four is everything. You've got to get that seeding early, you've got to try and stay in pole position. I said at the beginning that whoever wins the tournament is going to come away feeling as though they're a lot closer to those top four berths and that's where we are but we've got eight tournaments left."

Fiji sevens coach Ben Ryan

Fiji sevens coach Ben Ryan Photo: Supplied