2 Oct 2014

Infant death in Guam ruled as case of neglect

5:03 pm on 2 October 2014

Guam's chief medical examiner says an infant that died at the hospital last week died from apparent neglect.

The two-month old boy was brought into the hospital last Wednesday and died within 24 hours.

Dr Aurelio Espinola examined the body and says the baby hadn't received appropriate medical attention, ruling the cause of death as child abuse by omission.

"The baby was very skin and bones. There was no fat at all. The baby was neglected. He's only two months and 15 days old so I think the baby was not treated well from the beginning."

Dr. Espinola also found the baby has wounds to the face which had become infected.

The Guam Police Department is working with the Attorney General's office and Child Protective Services in moving the case forward.