1 Oct 2014

Arrest of five PNG officers downplayed

8:58 pm on 1 October 2014

A senior police commander in Papua New Guinea says the arrest of five policemen after the shooting of a man last month is not a sign of discipline problems within the force.

Two officers have been charged with attempted murder and three others face assault charges after the shooting in Mekeo.

The Central Province Police Commander Laimo Asi says the officers arrested a young man, beat him, then let him go before shooting him in the legs and buttocks.

Chief Inspector Asi says the incident has left him bewildered.

"I don't have any, much discipline problems here. It is attitude problem, I don't know what made them to do that. There is no reason, I'm also wondering the reason why they have to do that. Apprehend him, allow him to run and then shoot him again. It is insane, I could say."

He says the arrests should serve as a reminder to his officers that they are not above the law.