11 Sep 2014

PNG Govt 'in breach' of court order

5:19 am on 11 September 2014

The former Justice Minister of Papua New Guinea says the government is breaching a court order by withholding the pay of the head of Task Force Sweep.

Sam Koim investigated alleged illegal payments from the government to a law firm, resulting in charges laid against a lawyer, and an arrest warrant against the Prime Minister.

The secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Dr Lawrence Kalinoe, says Task Force Sweep was disbanded and he hasn't paid Mr Koim as he failed to return to work as a legal officer.

But Kerenga Kua, who was sacked as Justice Minister shortly after the arrest warrant was issued, says Dr Kalinoe is in breach of the court order.

"He needs to understand that there's a National Court order which stays the cabinet decision to disband the sweep team. And the sweep team includes Sam Koim as the Chairman. And so what the government is effectively doing, under the leadership of the present attorney general, is that they are actively in breach of the National Court order."

The former Justice Minister Kerenga Kua.