10 Sep 2014

Bougainville Airport could close again over compensation

8:31 pm on 10 September 2014

Landowners in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville area have threatened to close Buka airport again if their demands are not met.

A group from Ieta Village occupied the runway and sent a message to the authorities of the airport's closure on Tuesday.

Bougainville Chief Administrator Chris Siriosi negotiated an agreement with the landowners to reopen the airport.

Mr Siriosi says they want to know that over 2-million US dollars worth of compensation for the land is coming.

He says the PNG and Bougainville governments have been given two weeks.

"They will close the airport if I don't act to have evidence of the finances available to them. That translates into perhaps getting the cheque and locking it up in the safe here in Bougainville until they sort their differences out."

Mr Siriosi says there is also a divide among the landowners which needs to be rectified before the money can be handed over.