22 Aug 2014

Commonwealth observer offer to Fiji still stands

3:21 pm on 22 August 2014

The Commonwealth says it has told the Fiji government it is prepared to send observers to next month's election if Fiji accepts the Commonwealth guidelines.

Last week, the Fiji government struck a deal with the Multi-naltional Observer Group, which will be jointly led by four countries.

Fiji had also asked the Commonwealth to send a delegate to the Group but the Commonwealth says assignments are based on mandates and guidelines provided by Commonwealth Heads of Government.

At the last election in 2006, the Commonwealth sent its own team as did the European Union and the Pacific Islands Forum.

A spokesperson for the Commonwealth says it has reiterated to the Fiji government that it is ready to deploy an observer group if invited to do so and to provide technical support if required.

The spokeperson says the Observer Group accepted by Fiji includes Commonwealth countries, such as Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The European Union, which sent by far the largest contingent eight years ago, won't be present.