16 Aug 2014

American Samoa to use frequent flyer miles for sick patients

11:24 am on 16 August 2014

The American Samoa government is to use its accumulated Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyer miles to help patients who need medical treatment off island.

Last year, Governor Lolo implemented a policy to transfer Hawaiian Air frequent flyer miles for government paid travel by employees into a corporate account set up by Hawaiian Airlines.

At a cabinet meeting this week the governor says they've accumulated close to two million miles and Hawaiian Airlines has given the OK to begin using them.

The mileage will be used to help pay fares for patients who are referred off island for medical treatment or for students who need to travel off-island for educational programmes.

Meanwhile Lolo says the government is is looking into solutions for consistent air travel to the US and he has appointed a task force to lead the way.

He says he doesn't expect the territory will get anywhere with its pleas for help from Hawaiian Air.

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Photo: AFP