5 Aug 2014

Cooks petitions not sour grapes

2:21 pm on 5 August 2014

The Cook Islands Democratic Party says it is putting together a good case to back up allegations of bribery and cheating in the election.

The Cook Islands Party won a majority in the July election with 13 seats, but the Democratic Party is challenging the results at a cost of at least 52,000 New Zealand dollars.

Cook Islands Democratic Party Logo

Cook Islands Democratic Party Logo Photo: Cook Islands Democratic Party

Its president, Sean Willis, says the party isn't willing to sit on its butt till the next election and the cost is necessary to overturn the results.

"We're not putting up 60 grand (NZD) because of sour grapes as the PM said, it's putting our money where our mouth is because we think that there's something wrong that's occured."

Sean Willis says electoral registrars wongfully rejected valid votes and candidates bribed voters with items such as washing machines and motorbikes.

Final petitions and fees are due by August the 8th.