4 Aug 2014

Cooks' taxpayers fund election petitions

2:32 pm on 4 August 2014

Cook Islands' tax payers will bear part of the costs for losing candidates to challenge the election results.

Nine petitions have been filed contesting the July the 9th elections in which the Cook Islands Party won a majority.

Daniela Maoate-Cox reports.

"Each petition requires a minimum payment of 42-hundred US dollars to cover court costs, including travel for court officials for outer island electorates. But counsel for the petitioning candidates say the court should pay for itself and Chief Justice Tom Weston has agreed. The Democratic Party will have to pay at least 44-thousand US dollars to cover its eight petitions and the Cook Islands Party will pay five-thousand (USD) for its one petition in Murienua. Final petition submissions and payment are due by August the 8th."