25 Jul 2014

Questioning of Samoa police commissioner continues

7:51 am on 25 July 2014

The suspended Samoa police commissioner says none of the officers involved in the case of a Nigerian man, who was illegally detained and assaulted by police, were charged over the matter.

William Okoro was deported from Samoa in 2011 after he was awarded more than 120,000 US dollars in damages after he brought a lawsuit in the Supreme Court.

An inquiry into the case recommended that the officers involved be charged.

But a commission of inquiry investigating a breach of duties and lack of public confidence in the police commissioner, Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo, heard yesterday that none had been charged.

Lilomaiava admitted that officers did not perform their duties well, but said they couldn't be charged because they couldn't be investigated more than 12 months since the incident had happened.

There was also evidence police officers had taped Mr Okoro's mouth and tied his hands before he boarded a flight, and Lilomaiava accepted the Commission's concerns about a breach of human rights.

Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo

Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo Photo: RNZI / Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia