23 Jul 2014

Samoa opposition names by-election candidate

4:24 pm on 23 July 2014

A former Samoa government radio and television technician has been confirmed as the candidate for the opposition Tautua Samoa party in next month's by-election for Gagaifomauga number one territorial constituency.

The candidate, Lavea Peseta Lua Nafo'i, from Safotu village, will be running against two of the four HRPP party candidates who are also members of his extended family from the same village.

They are Faimalotoa Kolotita Stowers, who is the former Director and CEO of the then Ministry of Broadcasting and Lavea Ieti.

Lavea Peseta Lua Nafo'i says the support of members of his family is divided but he is all for the opposition, being the secretary of the party for several years.

The Tautua Party leader, Palusalue Faapo, says the by-election will show the reaction to the government's recent constitutional changes, such as the amendment before parliament on the election of a head of state.