16 Jun 2014

New NFP candidate promises to fight for rule of law

6:41 am on 16 June 2014

The former President of the Fiji Law Society says he is re-entering politics to hold a mirror up to the current leaders.

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Dorsami Naidu, who was a National Federation Party president until 2005, was arrested in 2009 for speaking out against the suspension of the constitution and high court judges by the military regime.

Mr Naidu has been announced as one of the 19 candidates for the NFP.

He says Fiji has been brought to its knees economically and problems with the rule of law and human rights has prompted emigration.

Mr Naidu says the country must move on from its 'coup culture'.

"We could make some difference and put some structures in place adn educate people so that these things don't happen, coups don't take place again and you know we can move ahead. We've got so much to do and give and people have got talents here which can be used for the better rather than for the worse."

A new candidate for the National Federation Party, Dorsami Naidu.