29 May 2014

WHO says dengue now in Tuvalu

4:46 am on 29 May 2014

The World Health Organisation says Tuvalu is now experiencing a dengue outbreak with 69 of 176 cases testing positive and response measures such as cleaning, spraying and public awareness under way.

The WHO says its closely monitoring dengue fever in the Pacific after it confirmed a serotype of the illness re emerged in several countries after twenty years.

It says a large proportion of the Pacific population is likely to be susceptible to dengue virus serotype 3 which has been recently isolated in the region and is now co-circulating with serotype 1.

In a situational update the WHO says over two thousand people in French Polynesia have tested positive for dengue in the past fifteen months.

It says the dengue epidemic continues in Solomon Islands with 1200 suspected cases in the first five months this year nearly 80 per cent of which were from Honiara.

Meanwhile the mosquito borne chikungunya illness has been recently been detected in Tonga.

The zika virus outbreak in the Cook Islands is now nearly over after nine hundred people were thought to have the illness in the past three months.