27 May 2014

Vanuatu group reacts to police warning on social media usage

7:36 pm on 27 May 2014

A transparency group in Vanuatu has reacted to a police complaint over comments on social media groups.

Transparency International Vanuatu says senior police officers have met with administrators of the Yumi Toktok Stret Forum on Facebook, saying police will "take further action" if there is more "heated comments" from anonymous profiles.

The comments were allegedly about the Vanuatu National Provident Fund, which TVI's media officer, Kevin Henry, says is a very sensitive issue.

Mr Henry says every citizen has the right to post information on the issue, and should not feel intimidated by police, although he understands the police concern over some of the language often used.

"It's a fundamental right and it's a fundamental duty for every ni-Vanuatu to speak up against what they think is wrong and what they think must be done and what they think must be strengthened inside the community or inside the different institutions in the country."

Transparency International Vanuatu's media officer, Kevin Henry.