23 May 2014

Fighting students charged in Lae as part of police crackdown

8:45 am on 23 May 2014

14 students have been arrested and charged for fighting in Papua New Guinea's town of Lae.

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Photo: RNZ

Legend FM reports the students are being held, as Lae metropolitan police are cracking down on public violence.

The police imposed a 1,000 kina bail, or about 370 US dollars, as a way to discourage the students from re-offending.

A Lae police officer, Ivan Lakatani, says the students were not able to meet the bail, and there are no reports as yet as to when the students will be released.

He says in the last two to three weeks, the crime rate in Lae has dropped significantly, and says this is due to the the ongoing Special Police Operations.

Constable Lakatani says the operations were prompted by ethnic clashes, domestic matters, sorcery claims, and robberies of motor vehicles.