15 May 2014

Nauru Govt accused of bad governance

10:22 am on 15 May 2014

The Pacific Islands Forum has been urged to step in over alleged bad governance by the Nauru government.

This follows chaotic scenes in parliament on Wednesday.

Sally Round reports.

The opposition MP, Kieren Keke, says all Pacific Island countries should be worried about the pattern of governance by the Baran Waqa-led government.

Dr Keke says the latest example was the government-led motion to suspend him and two other MPs which he says is illegal and unconstitutional.

He says about 20 police moved into the chamber to eject him on Tuesday leading to scuffles and the near-collapse of one MP who needed medical treatment.

The government has accused Dr Keke of contempt and trying to incite a riot as protestors gathered outside parliament.

It says the opposition MPs are using the international media to damage Nauru's reputation and detracting from its development.