1 May 2014

Vanuatu Govt warned on Capital Investment Immigration Plan

4:41 am on 1 May 2014

The former president of Vanuatu, Ati Georges Sokomanu, has warned the government on its Capital Investment Immigration Plan to make Chinese nationals Vanuatu citizens.

Mr Sokomanu says he is surprised the government did not check the laws of China, which does not recognise dual citizenship, before it approved the CIIP Act last year.

He says he is concerned that if thousands of Chinese nationals become Ni-Vanuatu and China cancels their Chinese passports, they will have nowhere to live in Vanuatu.

He says Vanuatu already has a shortage of land and land disputes in court.

"We are not talking about hundreds, but there will be thousands, there may be a million of Chinese wanting to do the same if we allow them to come in, not as refugees, but they can acquire land and stay with us. But are our people prepared to accept this?"

Ati Georges Sokomanu has warned the government of the CIIP Act's impact on Vanuatu and China relations.

He says China is an important development partner.