24 Apr 2014

Heavy rain threat worries Solomon Islanders

7:29 pm on 24 April 2014

The Red Cross in Solomon Islands says the threat of more heavy rain has people very nervous and is likely to further hamper recovery efforts.

Spokesperson Janna Hamilton says a heavy rain warning issued by the meteorological service has widened the areas forecast to receive wet weather.

She says any more rain is going to cause a lot of havoc.

It's really bad news for the people that are certainly still sheltering in the evacuation centres here in Honiara, but also for all of the communities affected in the rural Guadalcanal plains which has already been very difficult to access with aid and fresh water. So people here are very worried, I know my own colleagues who are living close to the river that were just lucky that the river just missed their homes last time, they're very nervous about more rain falling.

Red Cross spokesperson in Honiara, Janna Hamilton.