23 Apr 2014

NZ politician says he has wide experience for new Pacific fisheries role

2:02 pm on 23 April 2014

The New Zealand politician Shane Jones says he would bring wide experience and passion to a new ambassador level role focusing on Pacific fisheries.

The senior opposition MP says he's still hammering out the details of the job after yesterday's surprise announcement he is quitting parliament.

He says his chairing of the Maori Fisheries Commission and the company Sealord before entering parliament puts him in a good position to add value to the role.

"New Zealand's influence in the fisheries in terms of the Pacific has subsided as the number of vessels has dropped but look as the details are hammered out I'm sure we'll find ways to be more constructive."

Shane Jones says New Zealand can punch above its weight but there's no question about being overbearing on issues affecting the Pacific.